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Reimagining Marketing Part I: Is COVID-19 Setting Equality Back?

Featuring Jenifer Brooks, GLG; Laura Nestler, Duolingo, and Mitzi Payne, Arcade

October 1, 2020

11 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Around the world, businesses are struggling to adapt to the extraordinary challenges posed by COVID-19. Women are particularly impacted, either through job loss or bearing a disproportionate burden at home due to lack of childcare. This is particularly visible in a function like marketing, where the majority of employees tend to be women. Many are asking if the outcome will be even fewer women in leadership roles in the future.

In this session, Simone Heng, global keynote speaker, will lead a panel of industry leaders as they discuss the unique challenges the pandemic has posed for women, and what they and their organizations are doing to address the situation. Speakers include Laura Nestler, Head of Community at Duolingo, Jenifer Brooks, CMO at GLG, and Mitzi Payne, Partner at Arcade Studios.

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What attendees are saying

The webinars changed the way we think, which helped us revamp our operations and find significant cost savings.

My organization was inspired and challenged by the May 27th webinar to implement new business practices. It changed the way we operate for the better.

Loved the open dialogue and productive conversations. Asking hard questions is what helps us get better!